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SOHO Services

Just because you're small, doesn't mean you don't need a solid IT foundation. In fact, in many ways it's possibly the best thing you could invest in.

If you are running a businesses with 1 to 10 employees, you could classify yourself as a Small Office, Home Office client. You work hard on your business and rightly expect the foundation under you to work for you too.

Be it one or more staff, Clever IT Systems understands the need of a flexible IT solution that suits your systems and processes. Our job is to ensure you cover the fundamentals of IT and IT management that make your business run.

We can provide solutions specifically designed for businesses this size and while we understand budgets can be tight, we ensure you are investing in the areas that matter.

In particular, our Clever SB Server was designed specifically to address the needs of SOHO clients. Talk to us to find out how Clever IT Systems can simplify and look after your IT systems.