Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VoIP
VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol" and is simply using your Internet connection to make and receive telephone calls rather than going through wires via a Telephone Exchange in the traditional manner.
Why would I consider VoIP
VoIP services are a lot cheaper than traditional fixed line services. There is often a reduced or in some cases, no rental and call costs start as low as 8c nationally.
Are there any problems using VoIP
VoIP services require a reliable internet connection and a router or gateway that has the ability to prioritise certain traffic that goes to the internet. Without these two conditions being met, VoIP can be problematic.

In the event that a power failure, or internet connection issue arises, the VoIP service can automatically divert to a mobile phone or voicemail which is then emailed to you.
What does the monthly fee give me
While it provides many technical advantages, the overall thing it gives is peace of mind.

Imagine not having to worry about a critical part of your business that isn't within your area of expertise. Now imagine that, in many cases, we can do this while reducing your overall monthly spend.

More information can be found here.
What if I have existing equipment?
Yes. With existing equipment, we will need to conduct an audit first and we may require some changes to align them with our systems however, this usually brings them up to a much better state than before we started.
Can you also manage workstations and notebooks?
Yes and no.

The monthly remote management plans do cover a certain degree of remote support where moves adds and changes need to occur however, our standard rates don't apply to managing desktops and notebooks.

Over the last few years there has been a surge in workplaces encouraging staff to bring their own laptops and other equipment. As such, we have found it better to tackle the core functionality of our clients' sites.

We do offer services that manage desktops and notebooks however, these services are quoted and times may vary depending on the makeup and configuration of the client's site.
Can you support our third party systems?
As your system administrators, we will provide certain support such as ensuring backups are correctly conducted and new systems are configured based on the documentation provided by your third party software vendor.

We cannot, for obvious reasons, support a third party software provider's products directly.