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SMB Services

Let’s face it, small and medium Businesses are usually extremely busy doing what it was their business set out to do and as they grow, so does the importance of maintaining that focus. For the most part, IT systems are not the primary concern of a small business until it stops working.

It is our business to worry about the IT requirements of your business. We provide our services in a professional, courteous and friendly manner with the understanding that the most effective way to help our clients is to be approachable and part of their team.

Why should big business get all the perks?

We care that you are selecting the best Internet Service Provider, that your backups are working, your antivirus is up to date and that your servers and workstations are achieving their maximum possible up time. We care so much in fact, that if your business signs onto our SMA (Small Business Administration) package which requires as a minimum commitment of 2 hours on site or remote support per month for 6 months or more, you will receive a discount on our standard business rate.

Further to this you will enjoy:

A properly documented and maintained IT Administration Book.
Support staff utilising both remote access and on site services.
Access to a business who understands your business.
Someone to help plan and navigate your IT requirements as your business expands, contracts or stays the same.
Access to a business who’s priority is to support yours.

How does it all come together:

The Clever IT Systems service is both on site and remote. An assessment of your business, it’s general needs and direction as well as current IT infrastructure will take place and a summary quotation will be provided. From there if Clever IT Systems and your company are a good fit, we take on the role as your IT administrator. The best place to start is by giving us a call.